Network Systems Management at FDTC


All NSM students are assigned an advisor who will be your mentor from the first day you are admitted to the department until the day you graduate. Your advisor will help you with course decisions and keep you on track for graduation. Be sure to make an appointment to talk with your advisor at least ONCE EVERY semester.

You are assigned an advisor based on the first letter of your last name. When you have completed any needed remedial courses, your advisor will be:

A - H -  Advisor Paul Anderson - office 7224 - phone 843-661-8071 -
I - P - Advisor Pete Gioldasis - office 7223 - phone 843-661-8126 -
Q - Z -  Advisor JoAnn Mack - office 7226 - phone 843-661-8198 -


Get to know your advisor!

Advising Times

Advising and preregistration times are posted each semester on the college's website, on signage around campus, and are announced in classes. Your advisor will post a preregistration sign up sheet on his/her office door. You may sign up for an appointment to discuss your semester schedule and your graduation progress plan.

Registration via the web

NSM students may register themselves via the WEB using WebAdvisor.
(We strongly recommend that you make an appointment to talk with your advisor even though you may self-register.)

NSM Recruiter

The FDTC Admissions Office assigns a counselor to CPT students and is also involved in recruiting new students in the department. The main counselor office is located in room 100D, 843-661-8020.



The CPT department has four full-time faculty and several adjunct faculty that are dedicated to providing the best possible learning environment for students.


Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson
Pete Gioldasis
Pete Gioldasis
JoAnn Mack